Wedges for timber falling, construction, bridge inspection and auto body.
wedges by K&H Distributing     When K & H Distributing was started in 1962 it was to satisfy the need of the timber faller to have a durable, non-sparking light weight falling wedge.
     Having a background in the timber industry allowed us to envision the tremendous benefit of a light-weight plastic.
     Through high pressure plastic injection and the perfect polymer we have been able to develop a wedge that meets all of our criteria.
     The performance of our plastic wedges gained such popularity that other industries have found practical applications for plastic wedges in their daily activities.
     We currently produce 5 sizes of wedges which provides you with versatility of use in a wide variety of applications.
5 1/2" This wedge has been used extensively in the small timber industries, auto and construction.
7 1/2" A perfect size for medium timber falling and firewood cutting.
10" & 10"TT These wedge sizes have been used extensively in by timber fallers, heavy industrial applications, and construction workers
12" Our largest wedge produced. Timber fallers as well as bridge companies who erect and inspect bridges find this wedge to be their most useful tool.
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